We fully appreciate that the quality of  your life depends on our commitment and expertise. Patient and physicians agree. Our reputation speaks for itself!

“Dr. Young and his staff were above all the rest; plus his kindness toward a senior citizen was much appreciated.”

-Lois M.- Patient survey comment


“My awesome PT has been Peggy Zidek. She makes me feel like I can cycle 100 miles next month. I’m looking forward to going back to 24 Hour Fitness for cycling classes, lifting weights, dance classes, and cycling to the beach – 30 miles round trip with my husband. Much appreciation.”

– Shirley Yee Shun

“I never had therapy before, but I can’t imagine the quality of service to be any greater than I received. The commitment to truly help was tops. I will miss my special care and will highly recommend your services 100%.”

-Patient survey comment

“Alamitos PT is the place to be. RAH!!”

The “T” Family

“I’m preparing to move out of state and would like to take the “crew” with me.”

-Winnie T. – Patient survey comment

“Having been exposed to other PT facilities this one is head and shoulders above the rest.”

-Administrator for referring orthopedics office

“I previously took my daughter to another therapy office and I cannot believe the difference. Cannot stress enough how courteous and friendly. I would recommend you to everyone.”

-Patient survey comment

“I am extremely impressed with the level of care I receive. Everybody is kind, thorough and surpassed my expectations.”

-Susan J. – Patient survey comment

“We had a very positive experience with both our daughters who required PT, and would definitely come back again.”

-Jenna McN (mom) – Patient survey comment

“I was amazed that there were so professionals. Who were always in touch with my progress and treatment. Never had to re-explain or have the same test. continuity and communication were note worthy.”

-Patient survey comment

“I have had my condition for 15 years and didn’t really expect you to be able to help. In two visits, Peggy had my pain gone. The exercises really help. My care has greatly exceeded my expectations.”

-Betty S. – Patient survey comment

“Excellent care and communications. the best therapists in the area. the only place I would send my family members.”

-Local referring physician

“I am part of the family here. The staff is always there to rescue me. Thank you all.”

-Pam B. – Patient survey comment

“Excellent. I would recommend you to anyone and if I ever need services again I would go nowhere else but here!”

-Patient survey comment

“Extremely happy with the staff. Thanks to them, my sessions have been very pleasant and my recovery is coming along very well.”

-Phil W. – Patient survey comment

“Competent, caring professionals who are very good at what they do.”

-Patient survey comment

“Didn’t only work on the cure – helped me to understand why it was happening and what to do in the future.”

-Patient survey comment

“Right from my first phone call through all my visits, everyone has been not only very helpful but also pleasant.”

-Patient survey comment

“Whenever my doctor orders therapy, this is where I prefer to come.”

-Patient survey comment

“I’m not leaving.”

-Ron S. – Patient survey comment

“The staff here is wonderful – they all made my difficult situation much easier to handle.”

-Patient survey comment

“Your pursuit of the latest research and findings. With your willingness to continually refine your skills. provided me with the highest quality of care.”

-Patient survey comment

“Every part of PT was a 5-star service.”

-Patient survey comment

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