About Us

Mission Statement

The Treatment you need with the Service you deserve.

Alamitos Physical Therapy Associates is a privately owned, out-patient physical therapy practice. Our services include care but are not limited to those patients presenting with orthopedic problems.

Our goal is to help achieve a better life for you, our injured and disabled clients, by promoting rehabilitation and prevention. We do our best to restore and improve your health and function through education and competent clinical practice. You establish your own goals, with the Physical Therapist’s input on what’s realistic. Depending on the situation, “normal activities”, “fully functional” and “pain-free” may not be possible. We emphasize your instruction to prevent recurrence of the problem and to avoid associated disorders to which you may be susceptible. When disease, disorder, condition, impairment, or disability limit your abilities, we teach the you the skills you will need to manage your pain and limitation.

Company Profile

Alamitos Physical Therapy is a privately owned and operated outpatient physical therapy facility, focused on orthopedic care for you in our community.  We have been in business serving Los Alamitos since July 5, 1994!! Over that period, Alamitos Physical Therapy has demonstrated steady growth. We also have a demonstrated loyalty through former patients who refer themselves, family, or friends.